Miss Totipotentiality

February 4, 2010
Author: Fried Octopus
The incredible search for pornography based on characters composed entirely of shapes not naturally occuring in nature. A bit like masturbating to abstract art or perhaps furniture, I suppose.

A Case of Danbooru Fever

March 19, 2007
Author: Very Metal
Gosh, I didn't realize so many things in our daily lives were reliant on some anime porn repository!

Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Shotanization Notes

November 3, 2006
Author: Mr. Elitist Fuckhead
And don't even get started on Husserl's thing for cat ears.


October 24, 2006
Author: Reverend Ragu
Don't call it a come-back, we've been queer for years.

Miracle of Birth, Death of the Soul: M-Preg Fanfiction and You

October 24, 2006
Author: Negative Creep
The timeless beauty of a man bringing a new life into the world through his asshole.